About the JavaScript Event Calendar

The development of the JavaScript Event Calendar grew out of my involvement as webmaster of my synagogue’s web site, in 1998. I wanted to be able to include a list of upcoming events on the site, with the following desirable features:

  • the events should be presented in standard monthly calendar format, to make it easy for people to see at a glance what activities are taking place in any given month;
  • other months should be available at the click of a button, similar to flipping the pages of a paper calendar;
  • if someone wanted to see more information about a particular event, they should be able to simply click on the event name to go to a page describing the event;
  • the presentation should be visually appealing, with the ability to include images;
  • it should be easy to maintain the event list without having to directly edit HTML.

In addition to these “generic” requirements, I had some additional desires because the calendar would be used on a synagogue page:

  • Jewish holidays;
  • weekly Shabbat candle-lighting times;
  • weekly Torah portions.

Although some calendar utilities existed at the time, they didn’t provide all of the features that I identified. So, I created version 1.0 of the JavaScript Event Calendar, and made it publicly available in November 1998. I built a web site with examples and instructions for other webmasters, and put a link to the site on the webmaster forum of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Since that time, I have been contacted by many webmasters all over the world, who have used the JavaScript Event Calendar! In addition to synagogue sites, it’s being used on church sites, community organizations, clubs, colleges, . . . and I have no idea how many others.

I often receive e-mailed requests and ideas for new features -- many of which have long been part of my plans -- and over the years I’ve become much more experienced with JavaScript. So, I finally carved out some time in early 2010 for “Version 2.0” and decided, for a number of reasons, to make it a complete re-write.

Various “incremental” enhancements followed, largely in response to suggestions from people who are using the JavaScript Event Calendar. I'm always happy to hear from people, and to help anyone who’s having difficulty understanding how to use it.

About me

I’ve been a professional software developer, architect, and entrepreneur for over 30 years. Throughout my career, I’ve often found answers, ideas, code examples, and free utilities online. Freely supporting the JavaScript Event Calendar is my way of giving a little something back to the community. Email me any time: kevin “at” ilsen “dot” net.